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"The Elvis Adventures" (2016)

A full-color, professionally printed, 28-page wacky sci-fi adventure story about would-be alien invaders running afoul of The King Of Rock 'N' Roll. Suitable for teen and older readers, as there's some language and violence.

$5.00 USD

"Chainmail Bikini" (2015)

A 200-page, professionally printed paperback graphic novel containing short stories from 40 different artists, all on the theme of "girls and gaming". Suitable for teen and older readers, as there's a bit of adult content.

$20.00 USD

My Comics

All titles are kid-safe, though not necessarily aimed towards kids.

"His & Her Programming" (2016)

An illustrated prose short story about a woman's attempts to cheer up her stoic robot housekeeper.

$2.00 USD

"Space Case: Brave New Workplace" (2015-2016)

A 8"x10.5", 64-page, full color, professionally printed paperback graphic novel collecting the first two chapters of the webcomic "Space Case" (the adventures of an accountant who starts a new career on an alien space station), plus several pages of bonus content.

Book: $10.00 USD

PDF: $1.00 USD

"In This Way, The Garden Is Growing" (2014)

Mijuku's been having a lot of problems lately, but for some reason, the turtle that's invaded the local Zen garden seems like the biggest one...

$4.00 USD

Art School Adventures (2011-2014)

A digital anthology of approximately all of the comics I made during my four years in the Savannah College Of Art And Design's Sequential Arts program, including introductions and commentary for each story. Part memoir, part art critique, mostly entertaining comics in a variety of genres and media.

Only available as a digital PDF.

$4.00 USD

My Dad Zeus (2014)

Little Hermes' dad is so annoying. Always pulling pranks and getting into trouble...and dragging Hermes down with him!

This title is available as both a printed book and a digital PDF file.

Book: $3.00 USD

PDF: $0.50 USD

Robots Appreciating Nature (2014)

Illustrations of robots in natural settings.

$4.00 USD