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Comic Commissions

These prices refer to comics created for personal use/free distribution (including pages to be used in project pitches).  For work that's intended to be published and sold, whether in print or as a digital file, email me at to discuss the price based on the project (is it being published by a large company or a small press, are page rates being offered by the publisher, etc.)

A plethora of sample images can be found in my Original Comics gallery.

"Scribble comic": $25/page.
(Not necessarily final pencils ready to be inked, but a quick, doodle-y, "it comes out however it comes out" type of thing, like the example below.)

Black-and-white: $50/page.

Graytones: $75/page.

Color: $100/page.

Illustration Commissions

A plethora of sample images can be found in my Illustrations gallery.

**10% OFF SALE 11/18/17 - 1/18/18!**

Sketch: $20 $18

Black-and-white or simple digital graytone: $30 $27

Digital color: $40 $36

Traditional media color/graytone: $50 $45

The above prices refer to 1-2 characters on a simple background.

Add $10 $9 for each additional character.

Add $20 $18 for a more detailed/complex background.

Add $20 $18 for significant lettering/logos.

If you'd like the physical piece of art mailed to you when it's done:
  • The above prices refer to ~8.5"x11".  +$3 basic shipping, +$7 expedited shipping (domestic US).  Inquire about international shipping.
  • +$20 for ~11"x17".  Inquire about shipping.