Please feel free to inquire before August 15 (or around December/January), but I will not be
discussing commissions or accepting payment from August 16 until December/January.

If this message is still up after then with no change in dates,
I may have just forgotten to update or remove it.

Thanks for your patience!

Quick notes:
  • Contact me by email (
  • Payment is up front, unless it's a particularly expensive piece, in which case "half up front and the rest when it's done" is fine.
  • I accept Paypal, credit card, or mailed checks/money orders.
  • No NSFW (explicit nudity, graphic violence, overtly sexual content or drug use). Implied/mildly sexual content and minor/cartoony violence are generally okay; feel free to ask me if you're not sure.
  • These prices refer to comics and illustrations created for personal use/free distribution, including samples to be used in project pitches.  For work that's intended to be published and sold, whether in print or as a digital file, email me at to discuss the price based on the project.

Comic Commissions

Sample images can be found in my Comics gallery.

Prices include lettering.  Inquire about logos. For just lettering (on someone else's art): $15/page, or less if the art already contains word balloons and/or sound effects.

Samples of my lettering on others' art can be found in my Lettering gallery.

(art by Olivia Stephens)

"Scribble comic": $35/page
Not necessarily final pencils ready to be inked, but a quick, doodle-y, "it comes out however it comes out" type of thing, like the example below.

Black-and-white: $75/page

Graytones: $100/page
Can be solid grays (sample 1) or screentones (sample 2).

Color: $125/page

Illustration Commissions

Sample images can be found in my Illustrations gallery.

The prices below refer to 1 character on a simple background.

  • +$15 for each additional character.
  • +$30 for a more detailed/complex background.
  • +$30 for significant lettering/logos.

If you'd like the physical piece of art mailed to you when it's done:
  • The prices below refer to ~8.5"x11".  +$3 basic shipping, +$8 expedited shipping (domestic US).  Inquire about international shipping.
  • +$25 for ~11"x17".  Inquire about shipping.

Sketch: $25

Black-and-white or simple digital graytone: $40

Digital color: $50

Traditional media color/graytone: $60