Original Comics

My most recent work appears at the top.

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"Unreal" Sample
Created as part of a graphic novel pitch.  Only one page is reproduced here.
(February 2017)

Created for Liz Enright and Sage Coffey's "Sweaty Palms" anthology.
(May 2016)


"The Elvis Adventures"
Written by Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe, published by Loophole Comics.  Only a few pages are reproduced here.
(March 2016)


"Zignut: Alien In Disguise"
A pitch for a newspaper-style ongoing gag comic.  The project it was intended to appear in fell through.
(July 2015)

"Space Case"
An ongoing webcomic.  Only the first few pages appear here; the rest can be read at either Tumblr or Tapastic.
(January 2015-December 2015; on hiatus)


"Choose Your Own Adventure"
Created for Hazel Newlevant's "Chainmail Bikini" anthology.
(January 2015)


"In This Way, The Garden Is Growing"
(September 2014)


"My Dad Zeus"
(August 2014)


"Leaf Boy" Samples
(May 2014)
A selection of sample pages created for a graphic novel pitch, with the dialogue removed to avoid spoiling the story in case of its licensing.


"I Am The Night"
(November 2013)


"Cretin Hop"
script by Chynna Clugston and Ian Shaughnessy, provided for a class
(October 2013)


"Shopping Spree"
(August 2013)


(April 2013)