My most recent work appears at the top.  All work is completely written, drawn, toned/colored, lettered, etc. by me unless otherwise specified.

"Made To Love"
(January 2021)

"Captain Eagle And The Recon Rangers"
Commissioned and scripted by Edward Charles.
("He Did NAZI That Coming!": June 2018)
("Fascist THEN A Speeding Bullet!": February 2019)
("REICH Is But A Walking Shadow!": August 2019)

An unofficial fan comic based on the anime/manga series Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon.
(October 2018)

"Harriet Jinjur"
Created for the "Harriet Jinjur" story series, commissioned and scripted by Joshua McGovern.
(September 2018)

"Officer Crimebot and the Threatening Texts"
(July 2018)

Created for Iron Circus Comics' FTL, Y'all! anthology.
CONTENT WARNING for depression, implied attempt at self-harm
(March 2018)

"True Love"
A guest comic created for Josh Nickerson's webcomic Melancholy.
(February 2018)

"Arabella Damage"
Commissioned and scripted by Benet Simon. Only a few pages are reproduced here.
(February 2018)

"What A Cliffhanger"
An unofficial fan comic based on the TV show Milo Murphy's Law, commissioned and scripted by DarkwingSnark.
(January 2018)

Created for Appleatti and Schnekk's Lilies anthology (vol 4). Also available as a standalone print comic through Storenvy.
(August 2017)

"What's Cooking?"
(July 2017)

"Gray Area" Sample
Created for Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman's Dirty Diamonds anthology (#8). Only one page is reproduced here.
(May 2017)

"Unreal" Sample
Created as part of a graphic novel pitch. Only a few pages are reproduced here.
(February 2017)

Created for Liz Enright and Sage Coffey's Sweaty Palms anthology (vol 1).
(May 2016)

"Zignut: Alien In Disguise"
A sample page created for a comic strip pitch.
(July 2015)

"Space Case"
A long-form webcomic. Only the first few pages appear here; the rest can be read at either Tumblr or Tapastic.
(January 2015-December 2015)

"Choose Your Own Adventure"
Created for Hazel Newlevant's Chainmail Bikini anthology.
(January 2015)

"In This Way, The Garden Is Growing"
(September 2014)

"Spongebob Sample"
Created as a pitch for Spongebob Comics, scripted by David Lewman.
(July 2014)